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Beagle to The Rescue: Meet an Airline’s Lost And Found Dog

The Beagle is among the best sniffing breeds.    

Imagine the shock you may have felt after realizing that you left a very important item in your plane.

But you’re lucky if it happened in a KLM flight.

This Dutch airline had found a way to assist passengers who had left behind their belongings, often before they even knew about it.

A Beagle is now designated to look for the owners of lost items in the airplane soon after a flight attendant found out about the belongings.

The flight attendant will let the dog sniff on the property, and then will let it search the owner before he or she had left the airport.

Beagles were rated third among dog breeds with the best sense of smell.

Its probable advantage over the No.1 Bloodhound is its agility and small size, allowing it to squeeze under plane seats and in every nook of the airport. Also, it doesn’t have short legs like the No. 2 Basset Hound.

How cool would it be to see this Beagle track down your son who had just lost a toy, to return it to him? It certainly would have spared your child from grief, which instead would be replaced with the feeling of elation and thrill to see the little dog get to work. A bonus: Your kid gets to hug this cute little dog.

And what if it’s your smartphone that this Beagle gets to return? Doesn’t this doggie deserve some pampering from you, too?