It is not uncommon for tiny birds to fall off their nests when they are young. They either end up being rescued by good samaritans or face the world on their own. So when Rex and his owner, Gernon, were out on their daily walk in their neighborhood in California, they knew what had to be done when they came across a tiny hummingbird in need.

Like all dogs, Rex loves going out for walks. During one of their walks, Rex stumbled upon a tiny hummingbird on the ground. When Gernon came over to check on the bird, he first thought that it was dead. After all, it was completely motionless and was covered in hundreds of ants.

But Rex knew better. He refused to leave the bird, knowing that it was in bad shape. This prompted Gernon to realize what they had to do for the bird—they took it home and nursed it back to health.


Thankfully, the bird fully recovered after much love and affection. It was then able to fly on its own. But just because the hummingbird was back in the air didn’t mean its friendship with Rex was over.

In fact, it only made them closer to each other. Ever since the hummingbird has recovered, they have become an inseparable pair. It is as though the bird knew it was Rex who helped save its life. The bird was affectionately named Hummer.

When Rex is eating, Hummer will hover over his water bowl, constantly staying beside the giant dog. Hummer will even take a bath in Rex’s water bowl as he waits for the dog to finish his meal. And when Rex is done, Hummer would fly around Rex, not wanting to leave his side.

Talk about an unusual friendship! Watch the adorable duo in the clip below.

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Source Ed Gernon via Youtube and Youtube



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