A Husky owner in New Hampshire named John Ventresco has one of the most talkative Huskies in the entire world. His Husky’s name is Blaze, and Blaze is smart enough to tell how he feels to his owner. In this trending video, you will get to see how he refuses to get into his kennel.

Blaze doesn’t really dislike kennels. This adorable dog loves his space very much. But apparently, John always put him in his cage whenever he leaves.

This practice makes Blaze frustrated, and because of that, he developed a habit of refusing and screaming the sound like “No” whenever his owner is about to keep him. However, there’s a good reason for that as his owner puts him there for his own safety.


This video of Blaze and his owner has gone viral. As you can see in their video, John gently pats Blaze’s back as if he is giving the dog a good rub. Later on, John attempts to carry the dog so he can put him inside the kennel. But the canine glues himself to the floor and protests. He is like a little boy having a tantrum.

Blaze knows that when John keeps him in the kennel, he will be alone. That is why he keeps on making noise and rolls around the floor. His grunts make a noise similar to a human sound of “No”. He also repeatedly says this until his owner stops bothering him.

Dog’s feelings are very sensitive. Since they are smart, they can easily know what you are doing.
This video of him teasing Blaze gained over 20 million views. He recorded the adorable reaction of his dog while he ignores John’s wish to keep him in the kennel.

Watch how Blaze refuses to cooperate with his owner in the video below.

Source: John Ventresco Via YouTube



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