When a stray dog remains in the same area for a long time, there’s probably a reason for it. One particular dog stays at a golf course. The regular golfers in that place noticed the dog, and they’ve named her Hwindoong.

Hwindoong is a strange stray. There’s not much food that can be found in a golf course. Yet she has managed to stay in the same place for months.

There’s a person who is fond of Hwindoong. However, the person can’t go anywhere near the dog because of how cautious she is. Every time the dog gets approached, she moves away or runs farther.


A filming crew closely observed the stray dog for a day. They want to see what is keeping Hwindoong from going somewhere else. Does the dog hold any attachment to someone in the course? Is there something she’s looking for?

A shocking secret was discovered when the filming crew followed Hwindoong at a nearby hill. A golf course is large, so there are places that no one usually goes to unless a ball lands there. In one of those places, they found Hwindoong with her puppies.

The film crew was not surprised to discover the puppies. Hwindoong’s body showed signs of giving birth and nursing. It made sense that she can’t leave the place because she was taking care of her puppies.

There’s only one problem with the scene. The puppies are no longer alive. The film crew and the people who were fond of Hwindoong became silent. They blamed themselves for not investigating quicker.

If the people had looked for the puppies, they would have been able to save them. Perhaps Hwindoong was roaming around the golf course to lead someone to her puppies. Perhaps she was pleading for help.

How will Hwindoong recover from the loss?

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A continuation of this story was posted on SBS TV’s YouTube channel. Check out more details in the video below.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animals via YouTube.



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