Thirsty High Class Chihuahua Having A Drink From A Straw And Glass

Those looking to snag a pet chihuahua need not shell out a single dime.

The DC Humane Rescue Alliance has 35 rescued chihuahuas were from 10-weeks-old to 7-years-old up for adoption.

They will undergo the standard medical quarantine for rescues before given to their new owners.


The pet rescue group is now socializing the dogs to get them ready for their adopters’ homes. They are part of the 140 The dogs were surrendered by a breeding operation in Mississipi to the Hub City Humane Society in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Apparently, the breeding got out of control, and there are still 100-to-150 chihuahuas with the breeder, which may be possible surrendred soon.

Shelters do receive that many dogs at once, but it’s unusual that all of them will come from a single breed.

Adoptees should be understanding of their new canine companions who have not previously lived in homes.

Chihuahuas, famed for Taco Bell commercials appearances are fiercely loyal.

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Those interested in adopting one of these chihuahuas should check out the Humane Rescue Alliance’s site.



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