Being separated from a close friend is surely heartbreaking. We can’t imagine parting ways with a long time friend. The same sadness is experienced by animals too. This story of a dog and cow encapsulates the feeling of almost losing a friend forever.

Rookie is a dog who is best friends with a mother cow. The owner of the cow found it too difficult to take care of two cows at the same time. That’s why he decided to sell the mother cow.

While the mother cow is being pulled outside the barn, we can see Rookie shedding doggy tears. The scene of rookie crying will break anyone’s heart. Surely most of us can relate with Rookie’s sadness.


A few hours after being separated, Rookie decided to run away. Amazingly, the dog only followed the noise coming from the cow. He eventually finds where the mother cow is being kept.

There’s so much joy displayed by Rookie’s actions while he interacts with the cow. The owner notes that it’s going to be a hard transition. As the dog is taken away from the cow, it squeals in agony. It’s hard not to feel sorry for Rookie.

After being separated, the dog stays at the barn. It stares at the door all day long waiting for the mother cow to come back. Rookie refuses to eat.

The dog is unaware that there’s a surprise waiting for him. The mother cow is back! Rookie is so happy to see it’s best friend back. The owner had to make a hard decision for his dog. He decided to keep the mother cow for a while.

A veterinarian warns that if Rookie continues to only interact with the cow, it will have sociability problems. With this in mind, the farmer introduces a new dog to the family. They covered the new dog with the mother cow’s scent. As time goes by Rookie is getting accustomed to a new friend.

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Video courtesy of SBS TV via YouTube



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