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Not all dogs prefer to play or have a walk in the park; some of them would instead choose to stay at home and enjoy their soft and comfy bed.

King, a miniature dachshund, has only been with his family for a couple of months, but they can tell already that napping is always going to be one of his favorite things to do. It sounds very unusual for a dog’s energetic nature, but yes King is different.

“He’s playful and loves to cuddle, but also enjoys a big nap,” Claye Jackson, King’s fur dad, told in an interview.


The first day he came home, King’s family provided him a fluffy little bed for him to sleep in — and unexpectedly, he’s been obsessed with it since then.

King loves his bed more than any other toy that he can’t wait to get back into it whenever they’re apart. Near the end of his walks, he starts moving as fast as he can and dives right into his comfy bed once he’s finally inside again.

He does it regularly after a walk and every time he gets tired playing,” Jackson said. “He starts running faster when he senses that he’s near from home already, he knows the way back to our house.”

His dad also thinks that he will never be worried about King getting lost or maybe escape from their house to go outside.

Not only does King spend the whole night lying down on his bed, but he spends a lot of his day time there too. Even when he has to leave for a walk, he seems to be unfocused and spends time outside thinking about his bed.

While a lot of dogs are walk-motivated, King is bed-motivated, and his family thinks his bed and sleeping obsession is cute.

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