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Dogs have always become the subject of human cruelty. Despite their loyal attitude and bubbly personality, pooches are sometimes poorly treated. It is still a mystery to dog lovers why this cruelty happens to dogs. But while there are people who hurt dogs, there will always be humans to would regain our trust to humanity.

One of this is this Missouri-based man who rescued a pooch tied to an electrical cord beside an interstate overpass. David Fredman was on his way to work when he saw the dog’s condition. Without thinking twice, he immediately came to rescue the poor pooch.

In a later interview, Fredman recounted what the dog’s situation was. He mentioned that the pooch was strangled, making it hard for him to move. Fredman likewise said the dog’s feet were barely touching the ground. Quick on his feet, Fredman put out his knife and cut the cord.


He added that after he cut the cord, the pooch tried hard to breathe. Fredman then decided to let the dog walk, but the pooch just could not maybe because of exhaustion. This prompted Fredman to bring the pooch to KC Pet Project in Kansas City.

The staff there immediately attended to the pooch and discovered that the pooch has a microchip. This means the dog has an owner. They instantly tracked down the whereabouts of the owners and informed them about the dog’s ordeal.

Fredman learned that the owner of the pooch had been looking for the dog since he went missing. Dee Vaughn, the dog’s owner, then told Fredman that the dog’s name is Max. Vaughn could not thank Fredman enough because of his display of concern towards his pooch.

For Fredman, he should not be credited for what he did. It is a normal human intuition to help those in need regardless if it is an animal or not. Fredman added that what is important now is that Max is already back home with his owner.

Credits to David Fredman.



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