Summer’s almost here, and we know you’re already craving for some beaches and pools. But while you go belly up on a fancy pool float as you enjoy a cold glass of margarita, will your pups stay on the side and watch you have fun alone? Of course, you wouldn’t let that! Then this epic doggo float is exactly what you need.

As much as dogs love swimming in the water, it’s also a good idea to chill and relax in the pool every once in a while. BARK, in collaboration with FUNBOY, has just engineered the only pool float you will ever need this summer. They are specially created to match you and your dog’s styles.

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To make it more adorable, they come in matching designs! If you’re more of sassy chic and wants a girly type of float, then the Retro Dog Convertible design is for you. If you’re up for a more streamlined and luxurious design, take a look at the classy Dog Yacht.

Paired with its human-sized counterparts, these pool floats make for the ultimate Instagram photo of the year. It will undoubtedly look adorable as while you’re twinning with your pup on the pool, making your summer vacation more epic than it already is.

The rad floats come with front compartments for your pet’s stowaway toys and doggie treats so you won’t lose them in the pool. Your float, on the other hand, has an equally cool compartment perfect for chilled drinks.

Dog owners also need not worry about their pooches deflating the floats with their nails. These floats are made with puncture-resistant vinyl, making it safe for pets to wiggle around the buoy.

So go ahead and grab this epic doggo-sized float and get ready for the ultimate summer bonding with your favorite four-legged friends.

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