A family’s Border Collie mix dog named Max saved his three-year-old master named Matthiew from drowning in a river in eastern France.

Both being three years old, Mathiew and Max, a Border Collie and Bernese Mountain dog cross, grew up together and were always close.

But never did Matthiew’s parents imagined that their Border Collie mix dog would one day save their son’s life.


Matthiew was with his parents and Max at an outdoor recreational area on the banks of the Ognon River, when ran to the shore, slipped on a rock and fell into the cold water.

Upon seeing this, Max didn’t hesitate for a second to jump into the river.

A Border Collie dashes into the water. Image by Coffee of Pixabay.

The family dog’s timely response made the difference as Matthiew was already being swept downstream. Max paddled towards Matthiew and able to provide his collar for the boy to grab on just in time.

Max was then able to pull Matthiew within the arm’s reach of his parents, who immediately jerked the boy off the water and wrapped him in a blanket.

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Border Collies are excellent swimmers and can be trained to be water rescue dogs. Some dogs from this breed even get to dive to the depths of lakes to search for corpses or drowning people. Some of them are even trained to leap out of a helicopter into the water for rescue missions.

On the other hand, Bernese mountain dogs are not always fond of the water. While they can swim and pull people out of the water, it’s not in their instincts.

According to the boy’s mother, Melanie, Matthiew’s head was already under water the moment she and her husband realized what was occurring.

Matthiew’s parents have instructed him to go to the side of the beach, which was less dangerous, but the boy didn’t listen.

Upon learning of the Border Collie dog’s bravery, the Haute-Saone Police congratulated him and shared his picture online.

In the following YouTube video by The Dodo, watch Ringo, a Border Collie, excitedly jumps into the water every time he had a chance to do so:




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