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Discrimination is enshrined in society’s nucleus. It is not only humans who experience this poor treatment. Dogs, too, are prone to get discriminated, especially those with special needs.

Most people focus on what meets the eye and would not delve on inner beauty. For what is worth, everything that is external is what matters. Hence, dogs with imperfections are almost always neglected if not poorly treated.

This German Shepherd is part of this narrative as he looks different from other dogs of the same breed. He is judged by how he looks not on what he can bring to the table. Quasi, now 4, has this bone illness known as the Short Spine Syndrome.


From the name itself, we can already picture in mind what kind of pooch Quasi is. It is a rare genetic condition where the dog has a shorter spine compared to the regular-sized spinal cord. Because of this condition, criticisms and degradation are already part of Quasi’s day-to-day life. Quasi’s condition is also the reason why his previous owners dumped him.

Initially from Kentucky, the dog is always afraid to interact with people as he developed low self-esteem because of his bad experiences in the past.

But even then, Quasi started to regain his lost confidence when a person adopted him and took him to a loving environment. The then shy dog blossomed into what he is capable of – a playful, happy, and loyal pooch.

Through the help of his foster mom, Rachel Mairose, Quasi was able to overcome his insecurities and fear. Little by little, the pooch started to trust again. By the time he regained his self-confidence, the dog likewise gained friends.

With this, Mairose is very proud of her pooch. For her, although people look down on his beloved Quasi, she will be the one to give all the love the pooch deserves. For now, she looks forward to what the dog can still offer.

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